redhead n. a person with reddish hair

Redhead Proverbs

    "In Donegal, if a girl is born with red hair
    it is a sign that there was a pig under the bed." 
    -Irish Proverb

"It's unlucky to meet a redhead on
the first morning of the month of May." 
-Old English Proverb

"Do not let the shadow of a redheaded person
fall upon you.  It might give you bad luck." 
-Old English Proverb

"An honor it is to have a child with red hair." 
-Danish Proverb

"A red beard and a black head, catch him with 
a good trick and take him dead." 
-Old English Proverb

"If you happen to walk any distance between 
two redheaded girls,
it is a sign that you will soon be very rich."
 -Scottish Proverb

"Redheaded women are either violent or false, 
and usually they are both." 
-French Proverb

"If you should pass a redhead in the street, 
spit and turn around." 
-Corsican Proverb