redhead n. a person with reddish hair

"Red is the most positive of colors."
(Man, Myth, and Magic)

The Pro's And Con's To Being A Redhead

We're allowed to be temperamental, moody, pouty, sullen. 
Allowed to be ourselves in any mood cuz we're redheads.
And it doesn't get blamed on PMS either.

You can be alone without being perceived as "strange".

You can be angry and be excused for it, because if you know us well,
you know all you have to do is wait 5 minutes and WHA's over.

When we run into another redhead....its like a silent club. 

We get in the clubs free, asked to dance often, sincere compliments 
up the ying yang, offers to pump our gas, getting our shopping bags carried, 
opened doors, etc.  It's amazing how redheads are still able to find gentlemen.
Or at least their best attempts.

You don't have to join clubs or play board games at parties.

Insecure women won't like you, because red hair 
is like a red cape in a bullfight arena.  It makes male hormones surge. 


You occasionally............ well maybe a wee more than occasionally, 
seem to attract crudely, preverse behavior.

Forget about avoiding or hiding from an ex, an unwanted admirer
or your landlord.  Invisibility is impossible.

And the nicknames....they basically stay the same as they were in adolescence. 
The only thing that changes is that sexually motivated 
words are added - "foxy red", "red hot" get the idea.

People always stare at you like you're a creature with three eyes. 
They also look at your hair, rather than into your eyes

If you can't spell, well, you'll get the job anyway.
Bank presidents like to have redheads at their sides.

You provoke randy behavior-- even from dogs.